Mass From Verbena - Neil Sands

Duration: 12'00"
Ensemble: organ or piano and guitar, optional melody instruments, unison choir
Grading: Easy
9790708116035 Full score (you only need 1 as it's photocopyable) £25.95

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Mass From Verbena is a setting of the new translation of the Roman Missal for use in Roman Catholic churches from Advent 2011. It is a simple but imaginative setting, not difficult to grasp but atmospheric and prayerful. The accompaniment is for organ or piano and guitar, with optional melody instruments. The voices divide only rarely, and when they do the divisions are optional. The priest will recognise most of his material from the Missal plainsong.

This is a photocopyable resource. You are encouraged to make as many copies as you like for your own use within your church (or school etc), but you may not distribute copies outside your church. Copies are provided of the vocal score, the congregation's score, the melody instruments in C and in Bb, and the guitar part, both assembled for use and loose for ease of copying.