In The Shadow Of Mamayev - Edward-Rhys Harry

Duration: 25'00"
Ensemble: SATB children's choir chamber orchestra or piano or organ
Grading: Medium/Difficult
9790708116486 Vocal score £9.00
9790708116523 Children's score £5.00
9790708116479 Full score £12.95
9790708116561 Instrumental parts £8.95

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In The Shadow Of Mamayev is a choral work for SATB and children's choir, soprano solo and chamber ensemble. The work may also be performed with reduced instrumentation or with piano or organ accompaniment only.

In The Shadow of Mamayev is a work of seven movements that serves as an act of remembrance for the victims of war. The movements have all been inspired by monuments built across the world that commemorate those who have fallen, or who have survived, yet are still victims, either physically or emotionally. The text is a combination of previously published (Rossetti), newly written (Peter J Bulchin) and sacred texts.

The work was written firstly as a featured new work in the choral festival 'Voces Volgograd' in Volgograd, Russia - the statue of Mamayev stands over the city, formerly known as Stalingrad. It also formed part of the inaugural season of The Harry Ensemble, a vocal ensemble that exists to promote British choral music outside the UK.

The premiere took place in April 2012, at the Tsaritsyn Opera House, Volgograd, with The Harry Ensemble, Tsaritsyn Opera House Chorus and Orchestra, Nerys Jefford (soprano) and VIKTORIA Children's Choir, conducted by Edward-Rhys Harry.

Following the performance, a question-and-answer session with the performers and audience revealed that many in attendance had lost relatives at the famous Siege of Stalingrad.

As this work is published so close to the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, it is hoped that we will all Remember...

Edward-Rhys Harry
November 2013