St Paul's Service - John Hosking

Duration: 5'30"
Ensemble: Unison with occasional divisions
Grading: Easy
CMP191A Full score £3.00
CMP191B Copyable congregation part £5.00

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I was inspired to write this setting of the Mass for the choir and congregation of St Paul's Church in Colwyn Bay after doing some work with their choir and Director of Music. It is the tradition for the congregation to sing the movements of the mass, with the choir occasionally adding harmony or descants and so this setting follows this particular tradition.

This setting is intended to be as straightforward as possible for the average congregation to pick up, with a slightly more exciting part for the organist. As ever, registrations should be adapted to each different organ, but those specified give an idea as to the desired effect. The congregation supplied part can be copied (but not shared with another institution).