O King enthroned on high - Alan Smith

Duration: 2'00"
Ensemble: SAMen organ
Grading: Easy
CMP194 Full score £1.50

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Composed for Pentecost 2016, this anthem is a setting for three voices (SAMen). The organ introduction uses a falling motif that appears throughout the piece, although the theme is inverted at the opening of verse one. There is some imitation between the voices before the first section concludes with a slightly unusual modulation to A major.

The second section repeats the inverted theme, this time in the men's part. A 3-bar organ interlude separates verses 2 and 3 and is used to modulate back to the key of F major.

The final verse is essentially a repeat of the first verse, but with some augmentation to extend the main theme before the opening organ music returns to conclude the piece.