Who We Are - Nathan Waring

Duration: 2'00"
Ensemble: Unaccompanied SATB body percussion
Grading: Medium
CMP211 Full score £3.00

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This a cappella SATB song was commissioned by the Brighton City Singers for inclusion in the 2017 Brighton Festival. Its theme celebrates diversity in our society with a repetitive text that reflects living together in harmony despite our differences and uniqueness. It is designed to be performed 'off-copy' with repetitive body percussion rhythms gradually expanding the texture before the voices begin, using a similar pattern of expanding textures before erupting into the main melodic theme. Body percussion rhythms can be altered as appropriate for the performers - or cut completely depending on level of ability. Equally, the piece can be shadowed by a piano/keyboard and is suitable for an improvised drum part underneath. Repeats can be repeated as many or as few times as the conductor wishes. Most importantly, the piece should be performed enthusiastically and flamboyantly!