Dawn of the Cello - Neil Sands

Duration: 15'00"
Ensemble: Beginner cello piano
CMP215 Full score, teacher and pupil parts £9.50

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Dawn of the Cello is a set of entertaining pieces written originally for my daughter Dawn when she was a beginner on the cello. I wanted to create a set that would be characterful, fun, catchy and above all, rewarding for the cellist.

The piece I wrote first was Little Steps, just for fun, when Dawn was advanced enough to play any open string, pizzicato, but nothing else. All the interest is in the piano part, therefore, so that when playing it, Dawn would still feel she was performing real music, rather than just playing an exercise for open strings.

It was at Dawn's teacher Emma Sharrock's suggestion that I then went on to produce a full set of 20 pieces, starting right at the beginning and gradually adding to the challenges as the pupil's repertoire of cello rudiments grows.

It was also Emma's suggestion that I provide an alternative accompaniment, for teachers who would prefer to accompany on their own cello than use the original piano part.

I'm very grateful to Emma for her advice and expertise. I wouldn't have been able to produce this set without her.

Dawn of the Cello is dedicated to Dawn Sands, with all my love.