Jubilate - Ray Cook

Duration: 4'30"
Ensemble: SATB organ
Grading: Medium/Difficult
CMP286 Full score £3.00

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Every piece of music in the church should convey a message to the people, much in the same way that the stained glass windows and the wall paintings did centuries ago. The words of the Jubilate are some of the most joyful in the whole liturgy. With the organ accompaniment, somewhat syncopated on occasion, and the nature of the choral parts, I wanted to create a piece which will reflect "O be joyful in the Lord all ye lands!" There is a slight Baroque feel to the organ part and an exuberant feeling to the whole. Occasionally, the mood changes slightly as we reflect on the meaning of the words. "Be thankful unto him and speak good of his name" before the organ renews the excitement again into a more confident “For the Lord is gracious,” heading for a high point of emotion on “and his truth endureth from generation to generation”. The organ then takes us into the Gloria with an extended version of the opening bars, heading to the grand finale through a series of chromatic rises before we arrive at "World without end, amen".

There are variations in texture from full choir and organ, to a cappella, SSA with imitation by the lower voices and organ solo passages. As with the Te Deum, the organ part is not subservient, merely accompanying, but drives the piece forward with excitement and motion, reflecting the meaning of the words.

Both the Te Deum and the Jubilate exist perfectly well as stand-alone anthems. Ideally, of course, they would form the central musical heart of choral matins as they are written to complement each other.

While I was writing this piece my friend and publisher, Neil, survived a very serious illness. The text reflected everyone’s feelings at the time. It all seemed very pertinent, hence the dedication.

The work is accessible to a good parish church choir and organist. I trust you will find it invigorating and enjoyable to perform and that it will send your congregation home feeling uplifted, ready to face the world, with a deeper understanding of the text and joyful in their Lord!