Forget not my law - Martyn Noble

Duration: 2'00"
Ensemble: SATB unaccompanied
Grading: Medium
CMP314 Full score £2.50

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This piece speaks about how we should never forget what is right and to follow our own hearts. We should never allow mercy (to others) or truth to leave us, instead we should bind mercy and truth "about our necks" and write them to our hearts; for if we do this, we will find favour, good understanding and respect not only to God, but also to our fellow people.

To me, these words speak about hope, faith, trust in what is good and optimism; we should never take it upon ourselves to do what is best for us but, instead, to do what is right for all.

This charming, reflective and quiet piece for unaccompanied SATB is ideal as an introit or a short anthem and can be used throughout the year. It is a tonal piece in E major, punctuated with suspensions to emphasise the reflective mood, mixed with the occasional chromatic chord to add character. The middle section starts in the relative minor and climaxes on the words "write them upon the table of thine heart" before working its way, slowly, back to the home key, finishing with a nice "crunchy" cadence. It is a simple but effective piece with a small amount of six-part writing in the final few bars.