The Prayer of John Donne - Robert Fielding

Duration: 3'00"
Ensemble: SATTB unaccompanied
Grading: Difficult
CMP327 Full score £2.50

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A regular sight for musicians in Romsey Abbey is a set of two solid oak wardrobes containing singers' and organist's choir robes. These wardrobes were exquisitely designed by Rod Hoyle with carvings of the text 'no noise, nor silence but one equal music: no fears nor hopes, but one equal possession'. With this constant reminder of one of the most profoundly moving prayers ever written and notwithstanding glorious settings already firmly part of the choral repertory, I put pencil to paper!

The anthem was written in 2008 for the choir Lauda and performed in Winchester Cathedral under the direction of Adrian Taylor. It contains rich, colourful harmony, with parts divided at times to give a broad tonal canvas. The iconic text drives the rhythms and creates natural climaxes and moments of peace and rest.