Word Made Flesh - Neil Sands

Duration: 8'00"
Ensemble: SATB flute piccolo oboe cello harp organ timpani
Grading: Medium/Difficult
M708047155 Full score £5.00
M708047179 Vocal score £3.50
M708047162 Instrumental parts £5.00
MP3 performance (Sibelius)

Word Made Flesh is a setting of the mystical opening of the gospel of St John: In the beginning was the word.... It was commissioned by the Lymington Choral Society and first performed by them under Peter Davies in December 2000. It is scored for SATB with chamber ensemble using the same instrumentation (flute doubling piccolo, oboe, cello, harp, chamber organ and timpani) as the small version of Rutter's Requiem, an ideal companion piece, which was performed in the same program.

There are three entries for Word Made Flesh in the catalogue, so please make sure you know what you're ordering. This page shows the full score. In addition, there are vocal scores and instrumental parts available.