Music for the Holy Eucharist - Rex Latter

Duration: 7'00"
Ensemble: Unison choir organ (short SATB section)
Grading: Easy
M708047728 Full score £3.50
M708047728A Congregation part with copy licence £8.95

The arrival of the Alternative Service Book in 1980 made it necessary for new settings to be composed to accommodate the new texts. This setting, like many others, was written with congregational singing in mind, with a choir to support it were possible. Therefore the vocal lines lie mainly between B below middle C and D a ninth above it.

The music is almost entirely for unison voices, the only exception being a 10-bar section for SATB in the middle of the Gloria in Excelsis, though even this will work perfectly satisfactorily in unison should four-part harmony resources not be available.

More recently, with the advent of Common Worship, further textual changes have occurred including the addition of the seasonal acclamations which follow the Eucharistic Prayer, so once again it has become necessary for musical adjustment. Accordingly this setting has been edited and revised.

In order to accommodate a wider set of tastes, there are now two settings of the Sanctus, the first powerful and exultant; the second starting quietly but rising to a climax at "Heaven and Earth...." Both versions move easily into the following Benedictus.

Finally, should it be needed, a discarded setting of the Lord's Prayer has been retrieved from an earlier version of this work and adjusted to fit what now seems to be the preferred text of this prayer.