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1. A Hymn to God the Father
Jon Simsic

Duration: 4'45"
Ensemble: SATB unaccompanied
Grading: Medium/Difficult
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The Parce Domine plainsong serves as the technical and sensory motive for A Hymn to God the Father. In keeping with TS Eliot's observation that the metaphysical poets sought synthesis through the juxtaposition of substance and form, the cerebral and emotional, etc., the chant's usage, both fragmentary and developmentally, displays the poet's carnal and spiritual conflict when faced with his transgressions and desired divine mercy. The poet is always personal in his sinful dilemma, as he uses a play on his name with the clamor, "when thou hast done (Donne), thou hast not done (Donne), for I have more."